Always at the limit and of the search for a new record – OM24 SPORT is on your side reaching for your personal high score! The OM24 formula contains unique features which help building muscles and regenerate.

The development of OM24 is the result of years of biotechnology research. OM24 promotes cell protection actively, proven by studies conducted by the ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Our products specifically boost and stimulate the body’s cell performance. Our product pallet covers everything you need for a successful training: the increase of physical and mental performance, as well as prevention and stress reduction

4Protection Sports System

acid buffering -120 minutes to -60 minutes before the activity

performance improvement -30 minutes to -10 minutes before the activity

performance conservation competition phase during the duration of the match or contest (up to 240 minutes)

regeneration up to max. 30 minutes after the competition

Our Products Energy and performance with OM24 Sport

The 4protection sports system is divided into 4 phases: acid buffering, performance improvement, performance conservation, and regeneration. With this, we have the right product for all your workout sessions supplying you with the nutrients needed during your training cycle.

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